Welcome Entrepreneurs

Welcome Entrepreneurs

It Takes A Special Kind Of Crazy To Be An Entrepreneur! Welcome To The Club!

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Featured Guests

Annie P. Ruggles On Her Adventure In Selling The Non-Sleezy Way
Non-Sleazy Sales Coach

Annie is the founder of the Non-Sleazy Sales Academy and the host of the Too Legitimate To Quite podcast. She is a force of nature.


Guy needs no introduction. As one of the first Apple evangelists he is known far and wide. Guy has written 15 books on various topics and is currently the evangelist for Canva.

OG Podcaster

Evo is one of the first ever podcasters. He is an unofficial spokesperson for the podcast industry. Cheerleading the craft, Evo’s show Podcast Pontifications is a must listen.

Sales Coach/Reluctant Entrepreneur

Marcus knows what it’s like to build something from nothing. He also knows what it’s like to struggle as an entrepreneur. Marcus has a new book coming out in September 2022.

Latest Episodes

Sam Sawhook On Entrepreneurship And The Venture Studio Model

Sam joined the military to pay his way through school at the University of Texas, where he studied Finance and Public Policy. He’s worked with and led crack teams...

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Debra Eckerling on Goal Setting, Entrepreneurship, and the D.E.B. Method

Debra Eckerling is a goal strategist on a mission to change goal culture in and out of the workplace. A speaker, corporate consultant, and workshop leader, she offers personal...

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Peter Wight Helping People Organize To Make A Positive Difference

Peter Wight has always wanted to make a difference in the world. But when January 6, 2021 happened, he knew he had to help people organize and make a...

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Mark Schaefer, Author, Marketer, Community Builder, Renaissance Man

Mark W. Schaefer is a globally-recognized author, keynote speaker, futurist, and business consultant who blogs at {grow} — one of the top five marketing blogs of the world. He...

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Nick Bhavsar On Going From Intel, To Marketing And Entrepreneurship

Nick Bhavsar, founder of Bhavsar Consulting Group, strives to help your business grow through implementing tried and tested best practices across key marketing disciplines including product marketing, demand generation,...

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Dennis Geelan On Becoming An Accidental Entrepreneur (Solopreneur)

Dennis Geelen, is the Founder and Chief Difference Maker at his solo consulting company, Zero In, that he founded in 2018. Through Zero In, Dennis helps companies ‘solve indifference’...

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