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Annie P. Ruggles On Her Adventure In Selling The Non-Sleezy Way
Non-Sleazy Sales Coach

Annie is the founder of the Non-Sleazy Sales Academy and the host of the Too Legitimate To Quite podcast. She is a force of nature.


Guy needs no introduction. As one of the first Apple evangelists he is known far and wide. Guy has written 15 books on various topics and is currently the evangelist for Canva.

OG Podcaster

Evo is one of the first ever podcasters. He is an unofficial spokesperson for the podcast industry. Cheerleading the craft, Evo’s show Podcast Pontifications is a must listen.

Sales Coach/Reluctant Entrepreneur

Marcus knows what it’s like to build something from nothing. He also knows what it’s like to struggle as an entrepreneur. Marcus has a new book coming out in September 2022.

Latest Episodes

Kara Goldin On Her Journey To Finding A Better Tasting Water And Entrepreneurship

Kara Goldin is the founder of Hint Water and the author of the book Undaunted. Kara has worked for companies like Time Magazine, CNN and AOL. She had a...

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Marcus Chan On Going From One Type Of Entrepreneurship To Another.

Marcus Chan knows both types of entrepreneurship. The kind that that his parents had, which was long hours of immigrants, and then the kind of the internet realm. In...

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Dave Ashworth – From Corporate Accounting To Business Advisor And Confidant

Dave Ashworth is a mild-mannered CPA by day. He helps his clients beyond taxes. He likes to think of himself as an off shoot of their team. Dave has...

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Kevin Bailey On Mindset Coaching For Extreme Performers

Kevin Bailey is a mindset coach and the co-founder of Dream Fuel, a mindset coaching practice for executives and athletes who want to go from good to elite in...

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Mike Simmons On Getting Clarity And Finding Out How To Get From A To Z

Mike Simmons is a sales coach, speaker, consultant and advisor. He is based in the Phoenix, Arizona area where he helps companies of all sizes get the most out...

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Mara Rada On What’s In A Name

Originally from Romania, Mara Rada now calls Canada home. She helps founders and startups figure out the right name for their business, their branding, category strategy, and narrative. A...

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