The OG of Podcasting Evo Terra Talks About His Entrepreneurial Journey In The Podcasting Space

Evo Terra is an OG is the podcasting space. He’s been podcasting since 2004 and has done all kinds of podcasts. His latest, Podcasts Pontifications, is his gift to the podcasting universe. On the show he shares his knowledge of the medium and help improve it. Evo also runs Simple Media, a podcast consultancy where he helps companies launch their own podcasts. And, as if he’s not busy enough, he runs Advancing Podcasting, an online community for people who want to advance the art and field of podcasting. Find and engage with Evo on Twitter at @evoterra. If you’re enjoying Entrepreneur’s Enigma, please give us a review on the podcast directory of your choice. We’re on all of them and these reviews really help others find the show. Also if you’re getting value from the show and want to buy me a coffee, go to the show notes to get the link to get me a coffee to keep me awake, while I work on bringing you more great episodes to your ears. → Sponsor For Entrepreneur’s Enigma Season 1 This episode is sponsored by SEMrush, the search engine optimization tool that we use here at Goldstein Media. If you go to you can get a 7 day FREE trial of their software and take your site to the next level.

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Seth is a former journalist turned digital marketer. He started his own agency in 2008 at the start of the banking crisis. Great timing, right? In 2010, after being a consumer of podcasts since 2005-ish, Seth ventured into doing his own podcasts. He started with Addicted to social media that eventually morphed into Social Media Addicts. Both of these shows have been of the web for a few years now. Currently, in addition to Goldstein Media, Seth's agency, he hosts two podcasts: Digital Marketing Dive and this one. He also has a weekly newsletter called Marketing Junto. To say he's busy is an understatement, but he enjoys every minute (well for the most part).

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