Jess Podgajny Is On A Mission To Personalize The Future Of Work

Jess Podgajny is the CEO of Lluna a company aimed at helping employees and employers get a handle on making work/life balance more attainable and easier to manage. Jess is on a mission to make the future of work more personalized and help employers retain their talent and help employees get the flexibility they need…

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Dave Delaney On Being Nice And Keeping Your Employees Happy

Dave Delaney is a nice guy. No, seriously, he’s nice. It might be in his blood. Afterall he is Canadian. Regardless, as the host of the Nice Podcast and founder of Future Forth, Dave is on a mission to help people be nice in business, especially in the echelons of leadership. Dave has a broadcasting…

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Kathy Marcino On How Learning To Managing Conflict At Work Turned Into An Entrepreneurial Journey

Kathy Marcino is a certified DiSC business coach and consultant. Her goal is to help companies and their employees use conflict constructively. She uses the DiSC assessment to do this. Prior to her adventure in entrepreneurship, Kathy spent 18 years in corporate America working with the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. During this time she saw…

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